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Tips to choose my new phone

1. Don’t overlook your budget

You don’t want to buy something you can’t afford, but you know you can’t get any less for the latest phone. There are so many phones available to spend, so it won’t be an issue. What’s more, you might also find different models and brands that have a good price/quality ratio and might surprise you. You might want to check out some reviews before making it your final decision if you don’t already own a particular brand, model or model number. A little research may help you figure out the best options out of a huge plethora.

2. Get multiple colors

You probably won’t need two or three types of screen, so you shouldn’t waste your money on only getting one color option. Or have only green and blue screen available at once. It’s better to enjoy a bit of variety because it increases the chances of getting your money back if you get any problems. This can come from a lot of reasons, you might not want to spend a higher price for the same amount of screen, you might want to change the look you want, your kids might like it a little better but you’re concerned about battery life or you simply prefer the old design that looks a little outdated now. Whatever you do, consider getting several colors, so you can see how much it costs and make sure you’re getting a good quality screen.

3. Go simple and cheap

You can always get an old Android phone and upgrade it into another form. You can even find great deals online for used smartphones from Google and Microsoft. If you are looking for an average-sized smartphone, you can find great ones. Also, if you’re willing to pay for basic hardware, then you might want to think twice before spending big on your phone. Not all manufacturers have any discount for such things like the processor. Also, even though your screen is quite capable, it doesn’t mean that it’ll perform great with most games or programs. Keep your expectations of your phone to a minimum. When shopping online, keep in mind that the phone is often made by someone else. So the actual result could be quite different, unless you really know what you’re doing. Try to look for companies you trust, but if you’re unsure, always ask around. Some of us have friends or relatives who have used their phones and found them excellent.

4. Find the right price

Before starting this guide, don’t fall for those sales. Only get what you’re going to use for that price. Sometimes, we can find great deals by searching for the product name “Nokia Lumia 2040” on eBay. Or you can search for something like Motorola Moto G Power. The latter was released in 2013, and it still remains one of my favorite phones ever and has received very positive feedback from users. Another example of being genuine is when people buy their newest phone and try to sell it for a better price. They don’t realize that they are offering too low a price for something they actually are not supposed to. Look for good discounts and deals before you go ahead and purchase whatever is listed above. Just look for reputable sellers, and don’t take advantage of anything that sounds fraudulent or untruthful.

It’s important to remember you won’t be able to return this phone if it does not live up to your standards. So make sure it does, and consider upgrading when you see its features becoming outdated. As long as it works effectively, there should be no reason to worry. Don’t waste your own money by paying a small deposit for an older Android model. If you haven’t got the funds, you have to pay for it yourself. And also, get as much warranty coverage you can get, it will save you a lot.

Good luck!

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