how to reduce electricity bill at home


The way to reduce electricity bill is many things and the most important thing is to change your lifestyle according to what you need. There are many types of electrical gadgets in every home nowadays such as air conditioner, refrigerator, water heater, solar panels and much more. However, how much energy do we consume daily? And we can easily reduce it by changing our lifestyle such as using a portable air purifier or installing a reverse electric fan instead of an exhaust gas compressor. Here are some tips on how to reduce electricity bills.


1- Switch off lights at night when not required


2- Use low wattage bulb instead of high voltage ones


3- Buy compact fans instead of large ones


4- Don’t buy a huge air filtrator for electricity consumption because it will use up all the power.


5- Take advantage of ecofriendly appliances such as induction cooktop, coffee maker and many others that will make your life easier and save a lot of money on electricity bills.


6- Recharge your mobile phone every other day and store data every week. This also helps in saving electricity bills.


7- Install LED lighting in your room to avoid overheating


8- Invest in quality switches for better result


9- If possible, insulate walls and ceilings to help save electricity bills.


10- Keep the water pressure down by turning off the faucet when you want water.


11- When looking for used items, look for them online and don’t put yourself into financial trouble. You will find good stuff like kitchen cabinets to build your new house but those too may cost you quite a bit.


12- Do not run appliances when they are on while washing. Also try to save electricity by not overcooking your food.


13- Avoid using heaters in summers and air conditioners during winter because you will burn out the electricity.


14- Turn off any unnecessary lights when you get home or leave home. In fact, turn off lights in both rooms as well.


15- Have enough space to keep your laptop charger because it will consume a lot of electricity. Just charge them once during the day and if you have Wi-Fi connection, be careful about network security.

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