How to Find the perfume That Works Best for You

It’s pretty easy to find the best perfume for you and your skin type. However, there’s an important factor to consider when choosing a fragrance: how much of that is natural? This means it’s not just about experimenting with different scents, but instead being mindful about certain environmental factors. For example, do you feel like it helps calm anxiety or get rid of impulsive behavior (like when people start talking on their phone)? If you want to be sure it works well for you, you need to make some considerations about what type of fragrance will be most suitable for your skin type. There are many kinds of perfumes out there, so it might be helpful to think ahead if you don’t have any history with specific scents (for instance, if you typically use lemon or bergamot in lieu of vanilla). Some of these suggestions include some of my favorite fragrances for men and women, along with the ones I recommend for children.

So how do you decide which one to pick? Below, I’ve listed our top choices for men and women, along with tips on how to choose the right scent for you!

1. Think Before You Pick Something

Try to think outside the box with each of those names! Remember, how well do they work with your skin type? Are they good for men and women? They should fit your life style! Be wise. Don’t buy anything without checking all those boxes! At the end of the day, this is just a product; don’t pay to get something you don’t want. Take a look at how it smells and remember everyone has a different set type—which fragrance works best for you depends on more than just its name. A few ideas to experiment:

Lemon-peppermint: It’s soothing and gives you energy throughout the day. Plus, it’s also very refreshing and makes you happy. But what’s really nice about it is it can boost confidence because your senses feel amazing. It’s also very light. It’s a great brand that can take on other companies!

Cucumber-pandora-lime: I love cucumbers and pineapples. So when I found out C&P was going to give me a perfume cologne with panda prawns, I was super excited because it was going to become a new kind of “cucumber-lime.” It also has all my favorite aromas from me, which made me even happier. Not only that, but it even smelled like fresh citrus. And honestly, I think it’s worth the price considering it’s only $10!

Lemon tea: Oh, what a gorgeous scent! I love lemons, so I thought why not have them play this beautiful role as oomph into everything, such as the ambiance of a spa. Not to mention you have to admit, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have some. After all, who wouldn’t want to smell freshly cut limes? Yes, it washes away sweat, and it smells heavenly!

It’s also refreshing and makes you feel wonderful. Which is why you’re probably looking for lemon tea on my list. Also, I’ll have a full shot of teas (or water) in the morning as soon as I wake up!

2. Ask Your Ears

Take note of your ears. Do they hurt or itch? Any redness or irritation? Does anyone cough? When you ask yourself that question, you’re almost definitely considering spraying your face with this. It’s fine to spray with a moisturizer but try to avoid doing it after you step out of bed if possible; otherwise, you could risk burning your skin.

3. Keep In Mind What Type Of Fragrance Would Work Best With You

Some things work better with others, like lemons, while others don’t work that well together. Just know your environment and your sense of taste, etc., it might help to see if anything else comes up, too. The final thing you need to keep in mind is that you’d rather wear something scented specifically for your skin type, because if you have dry, oily, and combination skin types, your skin reacts differently to scents. Here are some examples:

Women: lemon oil is fantastic for treating acne. It helps fight inflammation and keeps skin healthy. Men: lemon is essential as part of a strong sex drive.

Virginal mint can relieve some symptoms, especially when it comes with sexual lubricant. And finally, peppermint and lavender work well for treating dandruff and mild allergies.

3. Read Reviews

If you’re not much of a chemist, you better believe it: people actually have opinions about their personal favorite fragrances even before they try it. We’ve all tasted peppermint tea before; and we know exactly what you’d enjoy having it. So nowadays a lot of research is done before you purchase a product. People who try the same thing won’t always agree, but sometimes it’s enough to make their mind go “right”!

4. Decide On A Budget

A little bit goes a long way, even though buying a bottle and trying it can be expensive. Make sure you’re okay with spending too much. Most of us, including myself, were put off by the high cost of products. Now that we have affordable options, though, you can save up to 50% on what you would have paid.

5. Experimentation Is Key

If you’re willing to buy whatever you have leftover at home, that’s totally okay! Go in and find things that might add spice to your daily routine. Maybe this time you’re going to try wearing it on your feet while eating dinner? Or maybe you’ll try drinking lemonade after a shower, or maybe maybe you’ll try it to freshen up your makeup. Either way, you’ve got no excuse to pass up on a chance to have a little fun. And that’s what a fragrance is all about, after all. Especially if it’s not a common ingredient you already have in your pantry.

6. Choose From Lots of Options

A little less experimentation might be better. Asking around may help you figure it out and see what brands your friends usually favor. Look online and see what’s trending nowadays: it can make your search easier if it’s a particular scents that you’re curious about. Not only that, but you might find something that someone else didn’t think of. Even though our reviews are unbiased, if you’re lucky enough to stumble upon a brand that you like, then get started. Sometimes, that means finding something you’ve never tried before. Try mixing two different scents together like orange lemon and lime, or a mint and orange. Or maybe even get inspired by the packaging. They’re really cute and can bring extra sparkle to your outfit.

7. Use A Light Powder

If you’re not into the idea of using alcohol, you can still stick with the non-scented version. But you can use it, too! All you need to do is mix it with another essential oil and apply the resulting blend as a thin layer on your wrist. Then when you apply it to your body, you’re basically inhaling air, absorbing all the goodness of the substance in your body. Who doesn’t love that feeling? It’s such a simple and fun thing that you can easily incorporate into your routine, and it’s really something you should enjoy. Hopefully when you’re ready to stop playing it safe and experiment with it, you’ll be able to find your ideal perfume.

8. Know That Natural Ingredients Are Okay But Have Some Fun

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