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Highest paying lawyer jobs in London you may know

Although they may have a broad understanding of the law, attorneys typically focus on one area of the law, such as criminal or corporate law. Working in the legal field can be financially rewarding, and some legal specialists are paid more than others. Knowing which legal specialties pay the most can be useful if you’re trying to find employment as a lawyer. In this article, we’ll examine six legal specialties where attorneys earn the highest salaries, talk about other aspects that could affect your earning potential, and offer some advice on how to pick a niche.

The typical pay for lawyers

A lawyer’s annual salary in the United Kingdom is £50,536. This accounts for the pay for attorneys who work at various levels for a variety of employers and with various legal specialists. According to your unique situation, it is possible to earn significantly more or less than this amount.

1. aspiring attorneys

Starting salaries for trainee attorneys are lower than those of fully qualified attorneys. A trainee lawyer’s yearly salary is on average £35,952 in the country. In a larger firm and in one of the most lucrative legal specialties, like corporate law, trainee attorneys may be able to command a higher salary.

2. Partners

Partners in law firms typically make a lot more money than newly admitted and experienced attorneys. A law firm partner’s annual salary in the United Kingdom is £88,695. In some places, law firm partners could make more than £100,000 annually.

What Prerequisites Are There for a Law Degree?

1. College education

A specific pre-law degree is not required in order to enroll in law school. However, a bachelor’s degree or higher is required. Specialized undergraduate degrees are not necessary, political science or pre-law degrees are not required, and law schools typically like to promote diversity among candidates.

2. Law School Entrance Exam (LSAT)

The Law School Admission Council is responsible for giving out the LSAT, or test for admission to law school. Reading comprehension, verbal proficiency, and logical reasoning are all covered on the LSAT. The LSAT is typically taken by prospective law students the year before they plan to enroll in a law program. It is one of the requirements for law school admissions; however, a small number of institutions will accept GRE scores in its place. You’ll have a good idea of which law schools you can enroll in based on your LSAT score and your undergraduate GPA.

3. Succeed on the bar exam

The bar exam, which is required by states for licensing, evaluates students’ legal knowledge. People who want to practice in more than one state must meet the bar requirements in each state, each of which has its own unique requirements.

States typically require a two-day exam, with the Multistate Bar Examination—a 200-question test covering six legal topics—torts, real property, evidence, criminal law, contracts, and constitutional law—presented to students on the first day. Essays are required on the second test day, or candidates are given the Multistate Essay Examination and the Multistate Performance Test.

London’s top-paying legal positions

1. Business law

Corporate law is the most lucrative area of the law, with a national average annual salary of £70,850 for corporate lawyers. Corporate attorneys represent businesses and occasionally work directly for businesses. They organize transactions, draft contracts and agreements, negotiate deals, and perform due diligence during mergers and acquisitions. A corporate lawyer’s job is to minimize the possibility that an agreement will later cause the company problems by making it clear and legally binding.

2. Employment law.

Employment law specialists can expect to make an average yearly salary of £52,920. This area of the law deals with workplace and employee-related legal issues. Employment attorneys assist in ensuring that businesses use ethical and non-discriminatory hiring procedures. They also deal with serious disputes between employees and employers and are involved in employee relations. These professionals might work for law firms or obtain employment with a company to handle internal employment law matters.

3. The law of intellectual property

Lawyers who specialize in intellectual property can earn very well. The national average salary for lawyers in this field is £47,794 per year. These experts focus on assisting companies in acquiring, safeguarding, and making use of intellectual property like patents, trademarks, and copyrights. A wide range of intellectual property claims may be handled by lawyers in this area, but some also pursue further specialization as patent attorneys. An attorney who focuses on creating patents and defending inventors’ rights is known as a patent attorney. These people typically hold degrees in science, engineering, or mathematics before beginning their careers.

4. The law of clinical negligence

The national average salary for clinical negligence attorneys is £41,756 per year. In this area of law, clients are assisted in obtaining compensation if they suffer harm as a result of medical malpractice. Lawyers who practice in this area might also represent doctors accused of clinical negligence. To collect evidence and present a case for clinical negligence, attorneys work closely with clients. It can be extremely rewarding for attorneys to assist clients in obtaining compensation because some of their patients may have experienced permanently disabling injuries as a result of medical treatment.

5. Human rights law

The practice of human rights law can be lucrative and satisfying. A human rights attorney may represent clients in human rights cases for a law firm or for a human rights charity or organization. Challenges to discrimination and protection of individual freedoms and rights are part of human rights law. In this field, attorneys closely collaborate with clients who have suffered from human rights violations. A few knowledgeable human rights attorneys also handle high-profile international cases.

London’s top law schools

  1. South Bank of London

Your law degree from the London South Bank will be the first step in an exciting career because of the long history of producing successful legal practitioners. Study programs are very adaptable and practice-focused so that you can acquire solid knowledge and the practical skills to put that knowledge to use. Additionally, you can learn a lot from top academics who congregate at London South Bank.

You’ll gain first-hand knowledge because many of them are actively following the most recent developments in a variety of legal fields. Your time at the London South Bank will be a one-of-a-kind experience because it is situated in a vibrant and interesting city like London and because it is a university with a significant global perspective.

2. London’s SOAS University

According to SOAS Law School, it is the top university-level program for comparative law. The majority of its study programs are focused on Asian and African legal systems. Additionally, law degrees at SOAS are designed to give you a certain level of proficiency in a variety of other legal fields, such as international law, business law, and environmental law.

In addition, SOAS is proud of its outstanding team of renowned academics, whose advice will have a lasting impact on your career.

Because SOAS is well-regarded by employers, a high percentage of its graduates are employed. After you graduate, a law degree will give you access to a wide range of employment opportunities and move you one step closer to the career of your dreams.

3. University of London Queen Mary

The School of Law at Queen Mary, one of the top law schools in London, is dedicated to providing you with a solid knowledge base in a variety of legal fields.

Your understanding of legal issues will change significantly as a result of their cutting-edge educational strategy and the expert advice you’ll get from their top-notch faculty. In order for you to acquire a particular set of practical skills, study programs place a lot of emphasis on practice and research. Additionally, their active student body will motivate you to stretch your mind and realize your full potential.


Before deciding on the area of law you want to specialize in, it is important to take into account your own skills as different types of lawyers benefit from having different skills. You can determine whether a particular area would be suitable for you by researching the skills required for the fields in which you are interested and comparing those skills to your current set of abilities.

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