Guide to choose the right university for bachelor psychology degree in 2023

A psychology degree provides a solid foundation from which to start a versatile career. Graduates of psychology programs are educated and trained in a variety of human behavior-related subjects that are pertinent to many different professions. Online interactions with students from different countries provide priceless opportunities for teamwork and diversity training. As a result, a student’s understanding of psychological processes and human behavior is increased, furthering their educational experience.

Such encounters highlight the value of a bachelor’s degree in psychology online. Critical thinking, communication, research, and diversity skills developed through psychological studies can result in a strong candidate for many fields. Case management, business, human resources, social work, research, administration, and psychology are all potential job markets. Because of these and other options, graduates with an online psychology degree can enter a growing and potentially lucrative field.

Why should I pursue a psychology degree online?

Online education was once thought to be inferior to on-campus education. As the Internet grew in popularity and technology advanced, more accredited colleges and universities sought ways to increase enrollment. Distance learning is the best option for millions of people, and many universities offer specialized online programs.

Bachelor’s degree programs online prepare students for graduate school or the workforce. A graduate psychology degree allows you to work in social services, as a school psychologist, or as a clinical mental health counselor. Professionals in psychology conduct research as well.

Online Psychology Degree Programs vs. Traditional Psychology Degree Programs

During the COVID global pandemic, schools switched from on-campus to online degree programs. These online degrees are equivalent to those offered on-campus, and all online programs have the same faculty and course material.

Online classes are frequently shorter and more intensive. By taking courses in relatively short 5-9 week segments, online students can earn a degree faster and for less money. If you work, online classes allow you to keep your current job while pursuing your degree, allowing you to have a more balanced work-life balance.

Online learning environments and psychology degrees are not for everyone. Online students must be self-disciplined, resourceful, and resourceful. As a result, some students may find online learning more difficult than traditional on-campus programs. Online education will also provide students with a college education. It also prepares graduates to function in the post-COVID remote environment, where many people work part-time or full-time from home.

How Much Does a Psychology Degree Cost?

Online psychology degrees can be costly, depending on the university and program you choose. Tuition at public universities, also known as state universities, is typically lower than at private colleges. Furthermore, most online programs have lower tuition costs than their traditional counterparts.

Financial aid options and enrollment status are also important considerations. A private school may offer generous financial aid packages. In this case, a private institution may be less expensive than a public institution.

A bachelor’s degree typically requires 120 credits. School classes are priced per credit. And the majority of courses are three credits. Here’s an example of using the cost per credit to estimate your total cost. Keep in mind that there are occasionally additional fees.

How much does an online degree cost?

Many schools offer in-state tuition for online psychology degrees regardless of where you live in the United States. This is a significant advantage if you want to pursue a specific program offered by a university outside of your state while staying within your financial aid budget. Tuition at private institutions may be lower for certain degree programs or for military service members and veterans. So, ask each school about financial assistance.

You can check your eligibility for federal financial aid since online students are eligible for it by submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Schools typically use the FAFSA to calculate federal financial aid and take scholarships into account. Before enrolling in an online degree program, you should make sure the school you’ve chosen has a state reciprocity agreement with your home state.

Top 4 institutions for online psychology bachelor’s degrees

  1. Drexel University

Drexel University, founded in 1891 in Philadelphia, was one of the first institutions to offer high-quality online education in 1996. One of its 150 online degrees is the highly regarded online BS in Psychology.

Your classes will be taught by faculty from the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences and will take place over four ten-week quarters each year. In addition to general education classes, you will study a wide range of fundamental psychology topics such as research and methodology, statistics, testing, three writing-intensive courses, and a senior thesis. Drexel University offers an online “test drive” to give you a taste of what it’s like to be an online student.

  1. University of Utah

The University of Utah, founded in 1850, enrolls 31,000 students in classrooms with a student-to-faculty ratio of 17-to-1. Undergraduates can pursue a research-based psychology degree at the U, which is known for its innovative programs. The 122-credit BS in psychology can be completed at the University or through transfer of the 53-credit major and general education requirements.

Four of the five available subfields of psychology development are used to provide students with a thorough introduction to the subject: social, clinical, cognitive, and neuroscience. Students at the University of Washington, on the other hand, can study one of four major subfields of neuroscience: cognitive neuropsychology, sensation and perception, neuropsychology of emotions and personality, or brain and behavior. Some undergraduate programs do not provide students with exposure to the field of neuroscience.

  1. DePaul University

If you’re a transfer student, look into DePaul University’s degree completion programs and online BA in Psychology. We agree with ranking services like U.S. News and World Report, The Princeton Review, and Forbes that DePaul’s innovation is among the best in the Midwest.

This program offers two human development concentrations in addition to a standard focus. The required coursework has prepared you for upcoming psychology graduate programs. The primary focus of the human development course of study is child and adolescent behavior.

  1. McKendree University

McKendree University, the first university in Illinois founded in 1829, joined the trend when online higher education programs first became available. This Illinois institution, according to U.S. News and World Report, has offered working adults flexible ways to complete their undergraduate degrees since 1971 and offers one of the best online bachelor’s degrees in the country.

With this online BA in psychology, you can prepare for graduate school or entry-level psychology jobs. Courses are available in two lengths: eight and sixteen weeks. Psychological development, theory, and research methods classes are available for children, adolescents, and adults. You will also have access to a wide range of electives and seminars. A thesis and research project is part of the overall curriculum. Over 70% of applicants are accepted, and McKendree University offers rolling admission.


In this article, The National Center for Education Statistics lists psychology as one of the most popular college majors. Understanding human behavior is beneficial, if not necessary, in a wide range of professions. This is partly responsible for his popularity. If you want to learn more about this degree, this article will be helpful.

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