Facts about lawyers

Law has a large impact on the day to day existence of people in every country. Legal profession is one of the most important professions and it’s a source of income for majority of individuals around the globe. As lawyers represent clients, they have a huge responsibility in order to do justice to their client’s case or dispute. They are bound by the law rules and regulations. This includes all kinds of civil cases, criminal cases, constitutional debates, high court decisions and many more cases before the courts. Now-a-days lawyers are required to be very knowledgeable and professional about their work and that’s why there are so many myths about lawyers. Here are some interesting facts about lawyers.


1. The career path of lawyer starts at the age of 12 to 14 years, a lot of them begin with jobs like teaching before moving on to become attorneys. For those who want to study law as an undergraduate, this would start at your local university, colleges are not allowed to teach more than two classes a year. One must complete three full years of school, before graduating with Bachelor of Justice degree and completing an associate of justice degree. Then, one can enroll in either Associate of Applied Juris Doctor program (AJD) or Bachelor of Professional Studies in legal studies program (BPSL). Another option to go through is Bachelor of Laws and Business Administration Program that costs $1,500. There are no prerequisites to enter BBA program, but candidates must pass basic entrance examinations like GED equivalent, GMAT and MCAT. It will take time for one to progress through different levels of employment. A lawyer is expected to give his or her best to work tirelessly and provide excellent services to their respective clients, by being open to learn new things for improving their skills and gaining experience. In addition, the knowledge that you get through college is extremely valuable and useful. Therefore, if you want to gain knowledge in law, then pursuing education is also important to keep pace with the changing times. This is because of the changes in a fast-paced world. If you want to achieve success, then attending college is very helpful in getting into the right track. Moreover, in order to find the right job as a lawyer, one requires several years of experience and that’s why it is difficult for you to qualify for some jobs without having any prior experience as that will make you look incomplete and unprofessional. Hence, being qualified is mandatory.


2. Some lawyers think that becoming a lawyer is just like working in other industries like sales, banking, insurance etc., the kind of labor you’re going to do. However, unlike jobs, lawyers cannot earn money from their own effort. Instead, they get paid salaries. On the other hand, employers receive their pay depending on how much work a person does. So, according to their expertise, they can charge more or less depending upon the work they’ve done. However, when a student is in college or just joining the field, most of them do not know much about the industry. This is not a good thing. It’s not suitable for someone to continue on learning anything new. Therefore, there’s nothing wrong in doing research and studying. When we study something, our brain develops a mechanism of memorizing it. That’s why we’re able to remember such vital information. Also, everyone needs to put in the hard work, because only then, we’ll come up with results after the hard work. So, when someone becomes a lawyer, he doesn’t just become another person in a similar situation, but that person is capable to offer advice to others as well. Furthermore, to understand the legal structure, a lawyer needs to study, as well. To further your understanding, read books and articles related to legal issues that a person wants to tackle. Most importantly, be exposed to your peers. As mentioned above, communication is one of the key aspects that matters. Being aware of the importance of communication with your colleague is essential. When communicating, there should be proper grammar and communication skills, which will help you develop effective communication abilities. By taking note of what you have learnt over the last three years, you’ll be able to improve your communication abilities and will also be able to communicate effectively.


3. Many of us believe that a lawyer is a wealthy man’s wife. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The average income of a lawyer varies depending upon the location. And just like any other professionals, lawyers earn more in cities. A lawyer with eight years experience earns about $100,000 in San Francisco, whereas lawyers with 30 years of service earn around $70,000 in Boston. Thus, it is not correct for anyone to say that a lawyer comes from a rich family if he/she hasn’t completed his or her higher studies. Moreover, a lawyer must have some degree, whether it is an associate of law degree or his/her MBA. Having an M.A. is equally fulfilling but a lawyer also works part time. As the number of hours an individual works depends upon the nature of the work one does. These times are not fixed. And as a result, one can earn anywhere between $10 and $15,000 in a month. So, it would be better to call it flexible working.


4. An estimated 6,500 people, lawyers, accountants and account managers, bookkeeping and payroll clerks are living in urban areas in the U.S. And as far as the future work is concerned, they are still looking for a place in big companies. Therefore, more women would try to pursue careers as a lawyer. Moreover, the top 10 percent of lawyers within the Fortune 500 list earn around $100,000,000 yearly. Overall, the salaries of lawyers are among the highest-paid professions.


5. Lawyers make significant contributions to society and should not be viewed as “poor” people or men. While lawyers can work in almost any part of the world, they don’t limit themselves to work in their home region. Because lawyers live everywhere, they get connected to more and more people across the globe. Lawyers are now seen as people capable of offering a helping hand or solving problems faced by both small and big businesses. They are recognized as thought leaders that are always willing and ready to deal with complicated situations. Today, the role of lawyers has increased manifold. Since lawyers deal with a wide range of challenges, they have been given respect and confidence by most of the citizens around the globe.


6. As a lawyer, it’s your responsibility to serve the people who matter to you. You have a deep sense of commitment towards your profession and you won’t hesitate in saying the word. People see lawyers as role models, educators and counselors and role models of integrity. So, people don’t judge other lawyers based on where they came from nor how long it took them to reach where they are. Similarly, since lawyers serve their clients on a daily basis, they do what they do to show the world how a successful lawyer should act. As a consequence, people nowadays are beginning to view lawyers as real men and women.


7. Before one can be a lawyer, one should have gone through a thorough medical exam. This test is designed to ensure that the candidate possesses enough medical knowledge to handle the type of litigation required to solve cases. Apart from this, a valid Driver’s License is necessary. Though there’s a vast pool of unemployed workers, one may need professional papers if he/she has gotten a license or a driving permit. After passing all this and attaining a High School Diploma, a graduate can apply for admission to the University of South Florida to study as a Master of Arts in Legal Studies and later get a law degree as well.


8. What makes up a lawyer? Do you need knowledge of English? Yes! A language is an asset to almost all professions around the globe. If a lawyer wants to run an office, his/her ability to speak English and French are of crucial use. Likewise, he might require knowing Spanish in cases of foreign litigation. Additionally, all the other requirements of a lawyer can be fulfilled in class. However, to successfully work with their clients, a lawyer needs to possess some special qualities that distinguish him or her from others. Therefore, a lawyer must have knowledge of Latin, Greek, German, Hebrew, French, Italian, Portuguese and other languages. Hence, this is why lawyers are called intellectuals, which is why they are known as one of the wealthiest professions. If a lawyer doesn’t have these skills or doesn’t know these languages, he can never meet his/her clients’ expectations, which could be bad for business.

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