Don’ts Do this When You Have A Crush On Someone

If you have a crush on someone, or just want to make them smile and have fun with that person, then absolutely do not go for it and avoid any kind of unnecessary drama. These are some of the absolute don’ts that you must know and follow while having this crush.

1) Do not tell anyone about it.

Any time you tell your thoughts and feelings about the person, if it is related to their personality or behavior, then you will be bringing negative energy into the relationship and it may affect the other person in the long run. So remember never reveal about any kind of information concerning your crush, because it might destroy it. Therefore, you can also keep this secret only to yourself.


2) Remember every word said by your crush.

This means that whenever you utter the name of your crush, then there are chances that they probably will start calling you again. If they continue doing so, then they are playing more than one role at once. So try very carefully to memorize their conversation as much as possible with the help of online services.


3) Keep your date short.

The shorter the date, the lesser chance they will spend time together. This way, the more energy you need. For example — “Come over next week at the same place. It was just yesterday we were friends but now we should get along better.”


4) Treat your crush well when she asks for some favor.

If you have no money or other material things to give them, then do this. Tell her that she can come anytime. Or even take out the trash on their car. Be polite as you could. And remember that you both can live happily in this friendship without any problems.


5) Find out from whom you have a crush on. There are many people who don’t like such a thing and you can fall for someone else easily. Also, it can ruin the entire relationship. So always try not to talk about anything relating to your crush and always remain focused on each other, which will make the day-to-day interaction to become easy.


6) Do not talk about your crush during breakfast. Because you may be tempted to say something inappropriate about him/her during the conversation.


7) Avoid starting random conversations with the other person to see if he/she likes the same kind of music you like.


8) Never invite someone to hang out with you and the other person. Remember that they already had enough of your company and now you have no time to think about what kind of music they like instead of talking about your crush. So try to create the best memories of yours.

If you have a crush on someone and you want to change the future and make the other person happy and your life easier, then follow these tips. Just remember, enjoy your own company and love every bit of it. Don’t waste your time and remember that your happiness depends on the happiness of other people.

If you still want to make your crush happy, then do it as soon as possible. Love your crush and never let them leave your side. Show them your full affection and treat them like a god. If you believe that you love them, you are going to share some positive vibes with them. That’s all that matters. Let them know how much you care about them and treat them as your family. Try to be extra nice, considerate and courteous to everyone in your life who shares your feeling for them.

So, remember do not indulge in self-destructive tendencies. Instead focus on loving others as much as you can and love them without expecting any of anything from them. Use your brain if you need something to calm down and look for ways to bring some positivity into your life. Keep your eyes open for good times for everyone around.

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